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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Site News - SEONI

At Globa-Tech, we're now officialy partners with S.E.O.N.I in exchange for their great advertising campaigns. Hopefully this will bring many new visitors to Globa-Tech, and I hope you'll enjoy your stay. In return for their outstanding services, we'll be displaying the banner you see on the left and linking to S.E.O.N.I as a thankyou.

In other site related news, the guys over at obviously read my site, as they've linked to it here! have actually stolen one of our articles entirely! With my permission though, of course. They've also had the courtesy to link back to us at the end. Here's the link to's article.

This is great news for the site, but to tell you the truth, I had no idea how many of you were reading it! I knew I was getting a few thousand a week, but this is great! Shame I can't make any money of AdSense though. Nevermind though!


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