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Sunday, October 01, 2006

October 1 - In-car RSS

A very cool new technology has just emerged from deep inside the Nissan labs. Their 'Carwings System', a model on high-end cars in the Nissan range, is a multi-function GPS, It can also play you songs from it's built-in 30GB HDD, and at the moment is looking alot better than Chrysler's wannabe MyGIG system. What's new to Carwings you say? Well, now it has an RSS reader. No, not just an RSS reader, but what I mean to say, is that it does actually read your RSS feed aloud to you. Unfortunately the RSS reader is still under works, and at the moment, only Yahoo Japan, Nissan's own travel blog and Sony's 'Life-style' blog are available. The system will hopefully be showcased at the Comined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies, starting on the 3rd of October and ending on the 7th of October.


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