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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

October 10 - On-screen Docking

Click on the image for a bigger picture.
The Audio S8 features an in-built iPod screen.

The Audio S8 sports a rather impressive iPod docking system & display along with alot more, but still fails to match up to the design and features of the Chrysler Sebring 2007. An in-built iPod display in a car is something we've not seen before if I'm not very much mistaken. We've seen radios with iPod displays, but generally the technology is considered unneeded. There's no questioning the fact that it adds a gadgety flare to any device it's put in and that gamble is undoubtedly what Audi is hoping when they start selling the S8. Of course impressive docking isn't the only thing the Audio has. It has a v10 Mill engine based on the Lamborghini Gallardo's own. The iPod docking screen is admittedly, very beautiful and has lush colours that blend in well with the car's interior. The car retails at $100,000 so have your cheque book handy.

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