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Thursday, October 12, 2006

October 12 - Roccaforte

This desk is quite claerly aimed at the enthusiast gaming market. However, Roccaforte appeals to people of all interests based on one sole thing. They use their computer enough to warrant it. Costing $500, Roccaforte roughly translates into 'fortress' from Itallian. Of course the desk would be an ideal space saving solution in any home, but we're sure it will appeal to the evil geniuses amongst you more than others. You can either have 3 monitors placed side-to-side on the desk or one big (I mean really big!) monitor in the middle. Perfect for pro-bloggers and gamers. Made by Japanese firm M-S-Y. Don't ask why they chose to spell it in Itallian though. That my friends, is beyond me. If you can face the Japanese product page, go here. Like I said, not English. Don't you love having translators?

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