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Saturday, October 14, 2006

October 14 - PS3 Insanity

The PS3 was overpriced. But some people still can't get enough of it. A quick search on eBay shows that people who guarantee 'free, launch-day shipping' on PS3s can make themselves $3000 per console. Somewhat reminiscent of the scramble for Xbox 360s, if not worse, there are almsot tripple the amount of people worldwide claiming first-day shipping than PS3s that are to be released on launch-day. Do the maths, it's not that hard. 500,000 units. An estimated 1.4million claims for 'launch-day shipping' on the internet and in high-street stores combined. Something is wrong here.

Browsing through eBay also reveals how sad some people really are. For example, '*BUY*RARE*LIMITED EDITION*ONE OF A KIND*PS3 EMAIL ACCOUNT!**'. The list goes on of about 1000 corny e-mails claming to be associated with hotmai/yahoo/gmail. None of them are good. None of them. They all sell for about $5 too, so stear clear.


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