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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

October 18 - Pageflakes Revamp

Pageflakes, my favourite online RSS reader has just given their whole site a brand new spanking re-launch. 'Pageflakes 2.0' promises faster RSS loading speeds, practical new widgets and an even easier to use graphical interface. Perhaps the most exciting new feature of them all is the ability to have multiple Pageflakes pages. This allows for greater flexibility and will turn Pageflakes from just your 'homepage' and into your 'homesite'. The new Pageflakes look that has been created makes the whole site much more Web 2.0 friendly. The new design is much more favourable than Google's own 'homepage service' which cannot offer the new features that Pageflakes has produced. The revamp seems to have gone down particularly well in the blogosphere with more than a few sites writing raving reviews about the re-design. Shows just how much difference Web 2.0 is making.

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