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Thursday, October 19, 2006

October 19 - IE7 Download Released

IE7 is out, and hell, it's good. After downloading RC1, I saw that it was still a far way off Firefox, but now, Microsoft has really pulled out all the stops, lathering in extra features, securing the browser still further, added extra support for JS and is the hard work of 5 beta versions + a release candidate plus thosands of feedback forms. The tabbed browsing is a godsend, so is the incorporation of an RSS reader. The search is nice, the print-preview actually works (Gasp!) and the anti-phising filter seems to do the job nicely too. All that said, I'm still typing this on Firefox. IE needed something new, not just playing a catchup game with Firefox, and unfortunately, they've failed to deliver in that sector. Still, IE can now regain back some of the marketshare it's lost to Firefox. I noticed though that still, IE doesn't show Globa-Tech Today as it should. If you want to download the new browser and see for yourself (before it becomes an automatic, must-have update), then head over to the Microsoft IE Center.


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