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Monday, October 02, 2006

October 2 - Colour Caller ID

Set all your friends and family as once colour, business contacts as another, other random people you know as a third colour and then everyone else (aka. probably salesmen) as a fourth colour, then you know when and when not to answer your phone. The Color-Call Caller ID System from is a bargain at only £15 ($30) and does it's job brilliantly. If the nice little LCD screen gets to much for you, there's a dimmer to stop the blindness being quite so devastating. The system has a built-in caller log for the past 30 numbers that have rang you and the address book holds a stable 100 numbers. Packed with features, the system is a great little gadget id you want to check who you'll be talking to, before you actually pick the phone up. Click here to visit the Brookstone shop.

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