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Monday, October 02, 2006

October 2 - VoIP Mouse

Companies are always coming up with new, interesting, ever-changing ideas when it comes to combining products with one another. For example, a few weeks back we told you about the Coffee Brewer/Weather Machine. This is a perfect example of two products merged seamlessly into one another. Unfortunately, Skygenie couldn't quite pull it off with their mouse/phone. It has style, I'll grant it that, but it lacks maneuverability and that mousey feel that you come to associate with those lovely Logitech mice. The ASG-142 MouseFone comes with a flipping clamshell design that has a 1.3" LCD on the back of it (which works fine for Caller ID). When the flipped open, the MouseFone could actually pass off as a chunky mobile and when the lid is shut, the MouseFone works as a normal 800dpi mouse would. Keep in mind this is no 2000dpi mostrosity. A big downside to the phone and the reason for a light lag in the response time, is dut to the fact that the MouseFone is stuck with dated USB1.1 technology. Come on guys! USB2 has been around for ages! Do us all a favour and get with the times. The product page can be found here.

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