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Friday, October 20, 2006

October 20 - Fluctu8 Sources

What is it? Well, in short, it’s a brilliant site that lets you create and share your own sourcelists. You sign-up, create a category and start your spree! It’s a great way to let others see what kind of stuff you’re into and gives them a taster of what you enjoy. When you sign up, the Fluctu8 homepage displays the latest users who’ve signed up and the sources they’ve added. As of writing this, the top post is a rather boring ‘Pediatric Podcast For Parents’, but further down are some more appealing casts, radios and audio shows. The Fluctu8 team have a ‘Featured Sources’ section and a ‘Favourite Few’. The great thing is though, that Fluctu8 is a muli language community, with the website being available in nine languages, courtesey of Babblefish of course! I hope you guys find this as useful as I! It’s great to see more and more Web 2.0 sites hitting the headlines.

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