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Sunday, October 22, 2006

October 22 - Hammond Interview

After Richard Hammond's horrifying rocket powered dragster crash, news has just been released that the full story will be revealed in Monday 23 October's 'The Daily Mirror'. The full story will be the headline article, with Richard's face on the right-hand side, a black cover and the title 'RICHARD HAMMOND - THE DAY I DIED' in big white lettering. It's expected that previously unreleased photos be included with the advert and that new pictures of the man himself be inlcuded. A photo that I can confirm, is one of Hammond sat with his head in his hands and watery eyes. My contact has also informed me that the marketing slogan to get people to buy the day's paper will be 'Richard Hammond - Back from the dead in this exclusive interview.' Corny I know, but this is the Daily Mirror we're talking about.

EDIT: You can see the interview here.

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