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Sunday, October 22, 2006

October 22 - OttoWiki


Most of you have seenn Wikipedia, and I'm sure that alot of you use it on a day-to-day basis. I for one, couldn't live without it! I'm constantly surfing random articles, finding out new and useful things. But one thing that might not have occured to you... Have you ever thought about starting up your own Wiki? This is where OttoWiki comes in. Now there are plenty of free wiki sites out there, but without a doubt, for creating your own, Otto rules the bunch. You start by simply picking a name for your Wiki. At this point, you can choose if you would like to password protect the Wiki, or keep it as it is. Once this first step is complete (it takes roughly 10 seconds), you have the choice of adding a comment. The comment script uses Ajax, and is rather similar to the one used on Profy. Now you've got your wiki ( you'll be able to add content. The fun starts here. I'll leave the rest up to you! Just make sure that you tell your friends. Otto is a very small site and has few users, it's a great service though. That's why I'm writing about it, to tell you. - Free Wikis For All via me on

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