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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

October 24 - Askeet! Answers.


Askeet! is an old rival to Yahoo's incredibly popular Answers Service. Askeet! has far fewer users and is relatively a lot more quiet than their competitor, Yahoo. Nevertheless, Askeet! is still going strong, proven by a PageRank of 6. To give an overview, that compares to Profy's rank of 1. Obviously PageRank isn't everything, but it is a relatively good indicator of if people find a site interesting or not.

Some people go on the site to ask rather meaningless questions, others have genuine problems. One person says that 'Somebody keeps stealing my Plants from my front garden!' Some replies were very useful, 'I coated my pots in vasaline, to surprise those who try to take your plants! It works really well!' and other people were clearly just there for a laugh, 'Pour concrete over your garden and spray grafitti all over it to make people think it's a rough neighborhood and scare them off!' Obviously, if the person had followed that piece of advice, they wouldn't even have a garden any more.

What sets Askeet! apart? Well, for starters, you don't have to be a member to answer a question. Many people post anonymously. Although this means that there's not much ofa a community feeling at Askeet! it does mean that you'll get an answer relatively quickly.

Anyway, enough talk. Try it out yourself! Askeet! - Delivering you the answers to life. via me on

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