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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

October 25 - Firefox Review

In this article, I'll be giving you a step-by-step walkthrough on how to install your new version of Firefox, and what to do with it when you have it... If you're interested, read on.

Firefox 2.0 Download Guide & What To Do When You've Got It.
Step One: Download the new Firefox browser from Mozilla or alternatively, if you feel like helping me out, you can download it via my website, using the button on the right, also for free. Done? Well let's move on.

Step Two: Open up the file, Firefox_Setup_2.0.exe and run it. It should take a moment to extract itself, then the process should continue, bringing you onto the screen that you see below.

FF2 Welcome

Step Three: Click the 'Next' button and accept all of the terms and conditions (aka. legal gibberish). Select either custom, or standard installation. I'll be choosing custom (which requires a few extra steps), but if you're gonna go ahead with the standard, then just skip this next step. (Picture Below)

Step Four: Simply select whether or not you wish to have Mozzila's DOM Inspector and Quality Feedback Agent monitor your browser contents (in my case, I have need for the DOM, but not for the QFA, hence the need for a custom installation.) Next, choose where to install Firefox. The standard XP location is C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\ and I'll be leaving it like that. Feel free to change it if you want though. Now finally, choose whether or not you would like to create icons on your desktop or not.

Step Five: Those of you who chose to do the standard install will now find that your Firefox 2 installation is complete (after pressing the 'Next' button. Those of you who chose the Custom Install can now press the install button aswell. FF2 should take no longer than 15 seconds on an average PC to install, but those of you running older OSs may find that time is greatly delayed, even if the latest components are used. (Picture Below)

Step Six: If you left the check box as it was and hit 'Done', FF2 should launch. Voila! Admire the design! As I write this now, I'm using this spiffy new version of Firefox!

Great! What now? Well, browse away! See if any of your favourite plug-ins are FF2 compaitble and have fun exploring some of the new features! The anti-phising filter is working great! Most of the new developments aren't very noticeable though. Slight speed increases, etc, but there are some things you'd like. The new, more streamlined interface being my favourite!

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