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Thursday, October 26, 2006

October 26 - The Revolution is a new form of advertising using new concepts created by leading experts . Already used by some of the biggest names around. Take Google, Digg, Skype, Mozilla, Flock and 9rules as some great examples. lets you upload your own 'cards' for free. What are cards? Well, each card comes in a 270px X 175px size and can contain whatever you want. An image, with your company logo on the front, some plain old text, whatever. Your imagination is the only boundary in this revolutionary new way to promote your site. The effectiveness of 'cards' has not yet been proved, but as Mozilla have already joined, it can't be all that bad. There are free cards and paid cards. Obviously, the paid cards are always listed first on the front page of and will naturally receive other benefits.

The ease of use of the cards means that even the internet's amateurs can set-up their own card quickly and easily. Check out now! To see my own card, click here. Yes, yes, I know... It's not very fancy, but it gets the point across.

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