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Thursday, October 26, 2006

October 26 - IE7 'Spoofing'

Days after the last bug was found in IE7, another one has been uncovered by a team of experts. This time the bug gives identity thieves (Known as ' Spoofing') the chance to post a fraudulent but seemingly legal URL in the Address Bar, encouraging the users to enter there critical personal information. 'Although the bug is not considered to be highly threatening', Secunia said, 'you should wait till a stable release of the browser is out to stay as safe as possible.' Or even better, use Firefox and be uber safe! (Download it via the button in the right-hand toolbar.) The discovery of this makes it a bad week for Microsoft since the same company warned users of a cross-domain bug in the browser just hours after its release. Microsoft decided to blame the first bug on a flaw in Outlook, but Secunia's Chief Technical Officer, Thomas Kristensen argued that the firm was not treating the discovery with adequate seriousness.


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