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Sunday, October 29, 2006

October 29 - Cooler MacBooks

We all love our quiet, snazzy little MacBook Pros, but don't you hate the phenomenal amount of heat they produce? I for one, do. Mac OS X Hints are reporting that in the latest SMC Firmware update, you can now, thankfully adjust the speed at which those mainly unused fans spin at. smcFanControl, written by Hendrik Holtmann manipulates the cooling fan control code in the Intel based MacMinis and MacBooks allowing you to set the minimum and maximum rotation speeds to your own needs. It's a pity that Apple leave it up to third-party scripters like Hendrik to do the hard work though. The standard 1000 rotates per minute, when upped to 2000, reduces the internal temperature of MacBooks by roughly 5 celcius without making much of a noticable difference to our highly tuned ears. In testing, the sound difference was so minimal that we found a 5 celcius temperature drop much more of an advantage than having a plain old, quiet, hot MacBook. Well worth it!


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