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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October 3 - diNovo Edge

I always love when one of my favourite computing brands go and give their gizmos a remake. I was especially pleased today to learn of the new news that the diNovo Edge will be debuting worldwide very, very soon. Featuring a Windows Vista style key layout (namely the inclusion of the fancy new windows key) and orange and green backlit symbols surrounding keys, the diNovo Edge is well suited for the modern office. Costing $200 some would argue that the Edge is over-priced. But if you look at the features it packs in, bluetooth, in-built volume sensor, trackpad scrolling etc. on top of the fact that the keyboard is rechargable, you start to see the appeal in shelling out so much on a keyboard. Not to mention the beauty of the design itself of course. If your budget can stretch this far, then stretch out the hand of retribution and pick up the diNovo Edge today (or when a release date becomes available).

Click on the picture for a bigger, even more beautiful picture.

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