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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October 3 - PS3 No-brainer

The PS3's controller dinally breaks away from the 'Dualshock' tradition that Sony has used for so many years. SIXAXIS (no, Im not having a caps-lock fit, that's actually it's name) is, according to Kotaku, the new name for the controller, which will be set to do it's best against the two Nintendo remotes, including Nunchuck. The SIXAXIS name presumably means six-directions, the six sensory angles that the PS3 controller will, if rumours are to go by include. Bluetooth connectivity or wired USB means that if your battery runs out of charge unexpectedly, you can quickly plug it in. Sony have kept the wraps pretty tight on this one, and all we know is that the control retails in the US on November 11 (How could you forget? It's rememberance day. Also the PS3 launch date.) and will cost $48. Alot cheaper than rumours had suggested.


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