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Monday, October 30, 2006

October 30 - Getting Squillions Of Visitors

The guide to getting a gazillion hits to your website everyday... Kinda.

If you’re the owner of a Web 2.0 just like or my own, then you’ll know that even if you have the best content out there, it’s no good if people don’t read it. I’m just going to give you the top few tips I use to drive people to my blog. There’s no point in me writing a really long winded explanation of possible eBooks that might help you that cost $100, because in my opinion, the best things are always free.

Tip One - The Slashdot Style Effect
There’s really no point in me calling it ‘The Slashdot Effect’ because isn’t the only great way yo drive visitors to your blog. Places like Digg, Reddit,, Furl etc are great places to give your site exposure. You can either submit your own posts or let someone else do it for you, but with the second, you can never be sure if someone will.

Tip Two - Create an RSS feed
New research suggests that ‘tech users’, aka. frequent computer users are more than 50% likely to return to a site they come across if the site has a couple of visible RSS chicklets above the fold line. An RSS feed means that people will see the latest articles of yours show up in their feed reader, and if it has a catchy title such as ‘The surefire way to get a gazillion hits… Kind of.’ then you can rest assured that chances are they’ll give it a look.

Tip Three - Professionalism
Do you think that visitors will return to a site with shoddy navigation and glittery adverts strung all over the place? No. No one will when there are so many brilliant alternatives out there. People don’t mind contextual, targeted ads on a page, but blinding your visitors with flashing downloads, blazing pop-ups and spam e-mail lists is not the way to go about things. The whole point of Web 2.0 (if there is one) is about you, the customer. It doesn’t matter if you make money, your readers are your customers. Your aim is to get them to stay at your site for as long as possible. Profy demonstrates this magnificently with its outstanding Alexa page average of 10 per user! You can get free domains to make your site look much more professional at many places. being a great free domain site. You can have for free, and they offer full DNS support. Perfect for your home hosted server, your home-brew game server, or whatever you’ll be using it for., the service I use also offer a similar, reliable service but without the DNS support.

Tip Four - Be yourself
There’s absolutely no point writing about something that you’re not passionate about. I write for Profy, because I love technology, the internet and all things gadgety. Profy, to me, symbolized everything I enjoy doing and seems like the perfect opportunity to earn some extra money whilst having a great time. Write about something you enjoy, that you’re experienced in, or simply write a blog about setting on a quest to find out about something new. There are plenty of successful blogs out there that simply started as someone on a mission to discover new things, but then quickly went on to become massive, worldwide popular blogs.

Tip Five - Writing
No matter how much you try to prevent it, your writing will greatly mature with time, as will your visitors. Read through feedback left on your blog and give a quick, easy and hassle-free way for people to contact you. Don’t ask for too much information, just name and e-mail address. You can then find out what others think of your writing. I was greatly shocked today, when I received a comment on my blog,, from Vlad, of international blogging site He’d simply wanted to tell me that he read my site and had particularly liked one of my articles! Aside from making me more confident, it also gave me an insight into what kind of people read my blog, so I could target it better at them.

Tip Six - Telling People
Most bloggers blog in privacy, using an alibi instead of a real name. For those of you who don’t know, Delta is not my real name, but it is what you shall know me as till my dying day. That’s not stopped me telling my closest friends (those whom I can trust not to share my real name) about my blog. They in turn have told their friends and family and they have told others. Word of mouth can go a long way. Try adding your website as your signature in forums you belong too, people often will click on the websites belonging to prominent members of a forum. Being as helpful as possible will often lead to clicks out of gratitude, and occasionally dedicated members.

I hope this has been a help to all of you! I know that those of you starting up websites, or thinking about it, that implementing and following these simple guidelines will greatly increase your visitors and productivity. Good luck in the future and all the best! This great was made possible by me... On Check it out... The extended guide I mean, here.


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