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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 31 - Google Buys Wiki

Google has bought JotSpot, and apparently, I'm the only one who really cares. Check my extended article here, or read the shorter version right below.

This is an unusual turn of events to make even the most experienced marketing analyst turn round and stare. Google, (no need for an intro into who they are!) have bought the highly popular, online wiki creation service, JotSpot. Recently, it seems, Google have been buying out all of its competitors and expanding it's company into the next gen Web 2.0 media frontier dramatically, with this acquisition being only the next step in their roadmap to total domination. JotSpot, used by millions of people around the world to created free, online wikis has been operating for a while now. The site, in the run-up to the buy-out gave no hint of a possible takeover, but simply put up a message this morning, stating quite boldly that 'We have been purchased by Google.' Short and straight to the point, I think you'll agree. So, Google has grasped and we're all left standing here, wondering what we missed. Hopefully, more details will be released soon, but in the current situation, that's not seeming likely. Registrations have been closed so that 'Google Account Integration' can take place so that current Google users can directly start using the new services right from their accounts. The blog isn't providing the wealth of information expected either, with it simply stating that 'We are Googlers now!', presumably for the benefit of those who haven't already seen the bright purple decleration flaming on the homepage. - Free Wikis all round. via me on

What does this mean though? A great service ruined? A great new lease of life? You tell us... Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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