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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 31 - Wired buys Reddit

Just moments ago, Google bought Now, Wired have bought Reddit. Read the extended article here, or the shorter one below.

Condé Nast, the owner of popular online website Wired News, has purchased Reddit in a shock takeover. Reddit, the online bookmarking rival of Digg and such has always been one of the main contender in the war for social bookmarking domination. The takeover could very well be a strategic move on Condé Nast’s part of an expansion further into the Web 2.0 market. Boston based Reddit employees (all four of them) will become part of Wired Digital. With this news coming to me just seconds ago, I’m hoping that Profy will be one of the very first to report this. Reddit, unlike Digg, has a very quick loading time. It’s usability is classed as higher than that of Diggs, and a partnership with Wired would make it top choice for even more techies than ever before. Wired will be leaving Reddit as a separate site though will be gradualy intertwining the two to become more effeicient than ever before. - Social News Bookmarking made easier. Hopefully all will be well, and Reddit will continue to make excellent progress, but with Web 2.0, you can never be sure. Ever changing, it never rests.

Don’t worry, no-one knew that talks were even taking place between Nast and Reddit, it wasn’t just you. This is as shocking new to me, as it is to you. Leave your feedback and comments here and let us know what you think. Reddit is a major factor here at Profy, as a portion of our visitors come via it. Anything that could change that will be bad news for us. via me on

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