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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

October 4 - Renault Gizmo Heaven

No offence to Renault or anything, but they definitely don't feature on my 'Top 10 Car Manufacturers Of All Time'. But with their new 'Twingo' concept car, they stand a good chance of getting up there with the likes of Ferrari. The picture below speaks for itself. Just look, high-tech gadgets everywhere you look. And what's that in the middle? An iPod dock. Two of them. At the front, that hansome 15" touchscreen monitor is an internet connected computer Yay for blog updating on the go! And there's an eight-can chiller in the back. Why eight? I don't know. Maybe in the US you guys buy cans packs of eight, but here in the UK, they come in packs of six. On the outside, it looks nothing more than your average modded, souped-up Renault. Take a peak through the lightly tinted sports windows and see the gizmo collection for yourself!

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