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Friday, October 06, 2006

October 6 - Fridges... Again

Despite being anything but exciting, these tech-related fridges keep showing up on the scene whilst I'm trying to give you a decent overview of technology. But recently, these stupid fridges have actually been interesting. WE saw a diamond studded one not that long ago, and it seems that LG have launched a TV-Fridge with a 15" monitor. With the short name of GR-G227TVS, the fridege would compliment most modern designs and provide the ideal solution for snacking. Never again will you have to move long distance between the TV set and kitchen. Now you can watch you football game all the way through, uninterupted. Retailing in Australia for $7500. Of course, it would be alot cheaper to buy 10 flip-down counter TVs and a fancy fridge, but we love the idea.

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