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Monday, October 09, 2006

October 9 - Original Signal

Most of you guys read Original Signal in your every day lives, or at home to catch up with your tech savvy colleagues. If you don't know what I'm on about, click here to find out for yourself. Some of you might not just use the basic signal, but also the gadget and technology ones. Well, GREAT NEWS! Tako Steinz over at OS has said that he is considering adding us to their Technology Signal during their upcoming revamp! Obviously, for a little blog like ours, this will be great news and we could see our ratings soar dramatically! OS sees themselves getting thousands of hits each day and Alexa ranks them 22,462! Okay, not the highest, but to be contacted by the owner of one of favourite websites on the internet is quite something! Seems Tako really likes our blog! He actually went as far as to call it 'Great!' I've been sworn in secrecy not to give his email away though! Understandable though as he seems to have gone to great lengths as it is to keep it off the internet. I respect his privacy and have given him my 'Hoo-Har Secrecy Handshake'.

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