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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Site News - Bonjour People

Hia, My Name is Timothy Williams and I'm the 'Guest Blogger' (Nice Name Delta :D ). I'm a very enthusiastic IT person which should hopefully work out really well if I go along the right tracks in a career when I'm older. My hobbies are IT, cycling and playing with multi-colored Blu-Tack (not really!). Feel free to ask me any questions by emailing me using the following email address : or by clicking here. I hope my stay here will be most profitable and enjoyable. I'm dedicated to providing you with anthinng that is technology or gadgety related.


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Blogger Delta said...

Welcome Timmy! I hope you enjoy your stay and become a trusted and valued member of our team here at Globa-Tech. Now you've officially joined, I can explain what a 'Guest Blogger' does in a little more detail.

A 'Guest Blogger' is only expected to post once or twice a week, but if they wish to do more, they a welcome. Guest Bloggers cannot publish posts, just save them as drafts, and then, at a later date (usually within 24 hours), I will approve them and make them live. You are allowed to put your name and your website at the bottom of a post if you wish, but the post must not be republished anywhere outside the Blu-Fsh Media Company Network.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please contact me at:

8:31 am, October 26, 2006  

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