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Friday, November 10, 2006

November 10 - Jamglue

Jamglue has a ridiculously good mixing community put together, which can only be destined to get even bigger and even better. What makes Jamglue all that I'm cracking it up to be? Well you can try it for yourself (highly recommended) or just take my word for it. What can you do though? Well, you can quickly and easily upload your tracks with, or without Creative Commons licensing (great for protecting your work), remix and muddle them up using a really spiffy, streamlined, straight-to-the-point web app, share them (or bits and pieces of them) with the whole Jamglue community at large and you can add a YouTube style, 'Post this to you blog' code, meaning that sharing them can be done hitch-free, in a quick and easy manner. Simply copy and paste the HTML which embeds Flash, and post it into your blog posts.

The social aspect of Jamglue rocks too, with a brilliant networking facility already up and running, allowing for completely simplified, highly refined and very accurate searching. You can choose to search by names, keywords, tags, area (using the highly useful Google, through Google Maps) or just plain old simple standard search, which let's you search through all the individual sections of the site. On user lookups / profiles, you have the ability (once logged in), to view all peoples mixes (if they choose for them to be publicly available), see what their favorites are (again, only if the user's private settings permit) and a cool messaging and commenting feature. It's pretty much like Profy. Comment on a post and, like a phpBB/IPB forum, you can send personalized instant messages through the site's in-built service. It's not bad, but has a slight lag when being used on slower connections. That said, it applies to the whole site. Those of you with decent broadband connections however, shouldn't have a real problem. via me on

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