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Friday, November 10, 2006

November 10 - Rubber Bands... Attack!

Rubber Band Pistols. The simplicity and the hours of fun that can be gained from them. If you've got a few hours spare however, you bay want to head over to your local mall and pick up this hand-cranked, wooden machine gun. It will take several hours to attach all of the bands into position, but once done, the 20 seconds or so of mayhem should raise more than a smile on your face. The firing rate is not quite that of your average machine gun, but promises to pack a powerful, friendly, light-hearted punch. Check it.

'This beauty is a fully funcitonal machine gun with TWELVE rotating barrels and a live action trigger. It loads 12 bands per barrel for a whopping 144 rubber bands that shoot off as fast as you can turn the handle! Great fun for kids of all ages. MORE than just an amazing machine, this is a true work of art. Hand crafted in the USA, The rubber band machine gun uses a similar mechanism to the famous Gatlin Gun of the old west. It stands 40 inches tall and 44 inches from the handle to the tip of the barrels. The turret effortlessly spins a full 360 degrees and tilts from 45 degrees up to 22 degrees down so you can easily keep a moving target in your sights, no matter how they run. We keep one loaded in the office at all times to defend against hostile takeover attempts and pushy vendors. Highly intricate, super smooth operation and finely detailed. Each machine gun is hand made in the USA. All orders include an ample supply of rubberband ammo.' Great... Yes, but that's all sales talk. I much prefer the sonic grenade and marshmallow guns... They just owned my socks! =P I've not actually purchased one of these 'handcrafted $400 pieces of crap' (is that what I just said?), but don't expect it to live as long as your dog. I'm not convinced, but the idea still rocks.

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