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Friday, November 10, 2006

November 10 - Wink Search

Wink, the Web 2.0 orientated, social search portal, has changed and developed incredibly the past year or so. From the site's humble beginnings, when they only offered a very simple search that let you tag and rate your results and order them accordingly, to the massive site it is now. The original plan was just for a simple service that let you find what you were wanted more accurately, based on the cumulative number of judgments passed by all of Wink's users, therefore narrowing search results down to the most accurate, related or reliable sources, as voted for by all of it's users. In various senses, it was pretty much like a Digg style search engine. Something that let users rate how good the content is. With Digg, the best content makes it to the homepage, Wink simply orders results accordingly, in line with users comments and opinions.

Today, Wink added yet another brand new surprise to the already thriving site. A specialized, personal search engine for Bebo, MySpace and LinkedIn. No explanation into what they are, but the LinkedIn search will be particularly useful for myself, as I use both Wink and LinkedIn on a day-to-day basis. (My LinkedIn Profile). The new search has popped up right in the People tab on the site. The Wink search performs a complete crawl of the sites, allowing people to be found, based on several factors. Real name, location, username, interests, specialties, jobs and more. You can also perform an Advanced Wink, by choosing particular things, such as what network people belong to, their gender, martial status and age.

It was just a few months ago (September if my memory serves correctly), Wink Version 2.0 launched, to emphasize the site's move into the Web 2.0 front more strongly. What happened? Well, along with a complete aesthetical remake,the site added support for Wink Collections. Essentially, this meant that those of you who wanted to, could simply create a small cluster of interesting or related links and then share them with your Wink buddies. This, many believe is what prompted Wink's sudden move into the Social Networking Search, just hours ago. Along with this, Wink also became a Social Netowork itself, with the ability to add friends, chat, etc.

Wink really has advanced and deserves credit for this. I love everything about the new, Wink 2.0 and will be keeping my eyes open for any further improvements that are made to the site over the coming months. News first provided by Mashable via me at

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