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Saturday, November 11, 2006

November 11 - Interview with Jason Bean

Here's an exclusive interview with Jason Bean, writer and updater of 7 b5media blogs. He's a fairly well-known figure in the Web 2.0 world and this interview highlights how he began blogging, his interests and how he became interested in the Internet. Jason is an internet professional and a web-designer for =) Bnpositive Design. He maintains several separate websites for churches and organizations and has an excellent position in the blogosphere, working alongside some of the biggest names out there. Let the interview begin!

What got you interested in the Internet/Web 2.0?
My first real taste of using the Internet came during my college years. Oddly enough, it wasn't at college though. During some of my college breaks, I would live with my older brother and his family. They had a computer and AOL. I'd spend hours online in chat rooms and playing different games. That was my first taste and where I originally grabbed my moniker, Bnpositive.

What got you interested in blogging?
That same older brother first introduced me to blogging I believe. You'd think I'd have a better memory of these things. I setup my personal blog back in 2003, but didn't post to it very regularly. I continued to read more and more blogs an began posting more actively on my own. I eventually heard about b5media and applied early on but wasn't accepted initially. Now I'm blogger on seven b5media blogs (,,,,,, and, my personal blog ( I've also setup numerous blogs for friends, family and other organizations as well.

What do you think it is about the internet that appeals to you most?
I just have a thirst for knowledge and information. As a young boy I would read encyclopedias, dictionaries and the ingredients list of almost everything you could find. I know, I'm weird. For me, the internet is like a giant encyclopedia; loaded with information and it's just a quest to figure out what I'll find next. I also like the internet's ability to enhance and expand communication with people no matter where they're located. I mean look, I'm talking to you and your a young kid living in England. Who would have thought!

What do you imagine yourself doing before you ever started blogging?
Oh I've had plenty of life taking place prior to blogging and separate from the internet. I'd still be involved in technology in someway, similar to what I do now. Trust me, I have no problem getting myself busy with things. I can always fill a 24-hour period with more than enough to actually complete.

Do you enjoy life as an internet expert?
Internet expert? I don't know about that. I'd say I'm above average, but I think that's just because I spend so much time on the internet. Much of my professional career consists of regularly using the internet for information, in my free time I'm always playing and surfing around the internet. I think practice makes perfect, and I've spent LOTS of time practicing.

What topics do you enjoy blogging on most?
Technology of course. Along with technology I'm a huge media buff, whether it's music, books, magazines, movies, TV or what. It doesn't matter, for me entertainment is just another source of information. So I like pop culture as well. Comedy always infiltrates my life too, so general personal thought is fun to share on my personal blog.

Is there any particular reason that you allowed yourself to get dragged into blogging, or was it voluntary?
It was completely voluntary although maybe misinformed. Nobody told me how quickly you can get immersed in the whole blogosphere! I've got almost 500 feeds in my Bloglines account. So between reading on what may be of topic on my blogs or actually writing, it can really be time consuming. I'm really trying to ween most of my web design work to a smaller level to focus more time on blogging, but it will all balance out in the end.

And that just about wraps things up! Hope you enjoyed the interview, more will be coming soon via me on


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