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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November 15 - AIM 6.0 Launches

AIM 6.0 is out, and it really is an impressive piece of work. Despite AOL’s dropping popularity, their widely distributed IM program, AIM is still going strong as ever, picking up new users every single day. Tonight, AIM 6.0 was launched, and is far, putting on a really good show. Many have called it 'state of the art', and, well, they're quite right. Using some of the more popular technologies from some not so successful startups, AIM delivers some truly impressive stats. 44.8 million monthly visitors (Yes, that's unique visitors!), which is over 5 million more than both Yahoo! and MSN combined. Admittedly, in the UK, MSN is the dominant leader, with most teenagers having not known otherwise. Market dominance is an important key. With Yahoo! having the world's highest Alexa rank, it'd make sense for them to control the IM market, but no. In due course, once Google Chat starts to pick up more and more users, then the market will only get ever busier.

AIM 6.0 is an experiment amongst AIM fans and users. Some will like the new, incorporated project AIM Triton. What this means is that “value added” features will be included. Some call this cheap marketing, other find it a genuine help. What this is, is linking to various sites such as AOL music and various other, related AOL services available. Some paid, some, like AIM, free. In my opinion, Instant Messaging should be done ad-free. It has really annoyed me at how the likes of AOL and MSN have added in these little monetized links here and there. At least Google has kept some sense about them, and not ran off with possible dreams of infinitesimal riches. Then again, that's not to say they're not making a pretty turnover! Thanks to TechCrunch on the this following tip. If you are a long-time loyal AIM user who really doesn’t like the new looks and general upgrade, you can go over to They have plenty of old files available for free download. via me on

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