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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November 15 - Mac Skype

Skype is now available on Mac! This is promising! The Skype 2.5 Beta for Mac Skype 2.5 Beta for Mac has some spiffy features, like outward SMS and 10-way conference calling along with all the great features you've come to expect from the VoIP giant. The new user interface is very swish and sleek, doing a great job at blending in with your existing Mac layout and design. The new Skype for mac is much more efficient and less-resource hungry. A big improvement from the already great previous versions for Mac. I'm now a Skype addict, and having the latest version of Skype on my Mac will be a great plus point.

In previous versions of Skype, a sidebar would open and display this information in a mish-mash fashion, now, all is great! But in the all-new Mac Beta, Skype enables you to click once on a person’s name, and sure enough, a new slide-in window will show up with all of their info, and the ability to instantly call or chat to them straight-off rather than within a sidebar. A new fangled, fancy addition to Skype 2.5 on Mac is the power you get over the new software. For example, you can now choose which audio component/device you wish to use when an incoming call comes in. It might be different to the settings you've picked for an outbound call, hence offering much more flexibility. If you much prefer to listen to incoming calls through a speakerphone, but like to make your calls using a certified Skype headset, it’s now been made possible! The latest Skype beta does lots of fancy things that on Mac, you've previously been unable to do. Now that Windows and Macs are on level VoIP ground, no-one can claim that either is superior. via me on


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