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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November 15 - Skype Reverse Engineering

It’s true. The rumors have been confirmed. Skype is going mobile! But not in quite the way you might have expected it! Skype has been hacked. Officially.

TalkPlus, the startup which raised a whopping $5.5 million in funding from Menlo Ventures has now released a video onto the net, showing how they’ve hacked Skype to make it mobile! You’ve probably read many articles before now, on how Skype are planning to release a mobile version within the next few weeks, but it’s never happened. Time after time, we’ve heard these rumours. But now, TalkPLus have figured out, how using a Java Application, you can make Skype In/Out calls on your mobile. This could become a powerful tool for any travelling businessman/blogger/marketer, mainly because no special Skype software is needed. Just your phone and the small, background app. Not a full blown service download. The video I mentioned can be found here, at The Skype Journal, but it doesn’t quite look like it’s ready for public release. It’s quite possible there will be some restrictions on what phones are compatible, but all in all, this looks like a very, very promising start to what is sure to become people’s new, mobile companion.

The Skype Journal points out the fact that the team behind TalkPlus has managed to complete the complicated task of “engineering a server without Skype components that talks to the Skype network as if it were a Skype client using Skype’s own language.” Quite an impressive feat! Or so it seems. Nobody knows how they’ve managed it, but once public release happens, some clever hacker is bound to figure it out. The side-effects of this upon Skype will could be hugmungous. GigaOM point out that, “Right now, Skype-Out minutes are free woth TalkPlus. Their revenue is from licensing, and from an annual 30 euro fee for Skype-In. Why buy a Skype-In number if TalkPlus can do the job?” I’m very hyped up about this admittedly, despite the fact that I’ve only recently become a Skype member. This could very well be the first step for Skype Mobile however. We may see, in the long-run, that many people adopt this. Skype owners, Ebay, might even get involved in this, chipping in to the service, or fighting against it. Who knows! But it’s not public yet, so don’t get giddy over nothing. The beta launches in two weeks! Buckle up and get ready for the ride. Skype is going mobile! via me on


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