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Thursday, November 16, 2006

November 16 - Microsoft, Yahoo & Google

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have finally made a partnership in the search market. But not entirely. This small beginning may lead to bigger, other moves and joint projects together and will certainly make way for other, larger future ventures. Nevertheless, it’s a start.

Yahoo and Microsoft have now joined Google in the new format standard, Sitemaps. Many sites use sitemaps as a quick way of getting indexed my Google fast, and now that Microsoft and Yahoo have joined the craze, indexing will never have been easier. The beauty of sitemaps lies in simplicity. Simply create a sitemap once, then it updates in line with your new pages and the search engines index you speedy quick. What does this mean? Well, like I said, speedy indexing of dynamic pages and their static conuterparts alike. All a Sitemap is, is just a simple XML file, meaning that even a novice can create a sitemap, and the benefits are instantly available and noticable.

Sitemaps caters for the needs of those who have complex URLs, but wish for their articles to be relevantly searched and found for. E-commerce sites like Amazon can now keep wary buyers on standby, alerting them the instant they get a new product, say the PS3, in stock. Tim Mayer from Yahoo, has been quoted by GigaOM saying that the Sitemaps format is currently “very simplistic, but it could be expanded to include meta information about URLs and geo-location data”. This would be extremely cool, and useful for users and webmasters alike. The future is rapidly changing. It was only just over a year ago that Google launched the Sitemaps concept. Now that other search engines, beside Google have taken it up, should hopefully mean that this can become the Web 2.0 unified indexing standard. via me on Profy rocks, so click that link anyway.


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