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Friday, November 17, 2006

November 17 - The Metro

The metro. Distributed free on trains and busses throughout England. As my daily source of offline information, I picked up my copy, as per usual and sat down to read it. Low and behold, not quite as I usually do. After turning the first page, I noticed a large, spiffy advert for Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Fine. It was an Xbox 360 advert for the game. As are all the rest I'm about to mention. I flip the page. BAM! Tony Hawks Project 8. Flip again. BAM! An ad which stretches for the best part of two pages at the bottom. Gears Of War. Flip. BAM! Full double page spread devoted to Gears Of War. Flip. BAM, BAM, BAM! Dead Or Alive: Extreme 2, Open Season, Need For Speed: Carbon. Flip. BAM, BAM, BAM! A Giant hand made up of box art from different 360 games. Saints Row. Xbox 360 General Advert. Flip. BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM! WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2007. Phantasy Star Universe. Cars. Dead Rising. Flip. BAM, BAM! Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera. And again, opposite, a large Live Vision Cam. Flip. BAM, BAM, BAM! Test Drive Unlimited, Table Tennis, Xbox 360 Classics. Flip. BAM, BAM! General Ad and Xbox 360 High Def gaming ad. Flip. A very bright BAM! Viva Pinata. Great advert! Flip. Odd shaped BAM! King Kong sat on a big green tower. Green planes flying at him. It's an Xbox 360 HD-DVD advert. Flip. BAM, BAM! Another Gears Of War advert. This one revolving around a red traffic light with the Gears Of War logo on. Call Of Duty 3 advert. 'Get Closer Than Ever'. (I thought Call Of Duty 2 was, 'As close as you'd ever want to get'? Admittedly, yes, they've gone further!) Flip. GOOD GRIEF! It's a free calendar! A whole double page spread. It's a 2007, Dead Or Alive: Extreme 2 calendar. Sweet! I have two copies with me now. Flip. BAM, BAM! Lost Planet 'Exteme Condition'. Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. Flip. BAM! Ninety-nine nights advert. Flip. Also, on right-hand page, there's a little red smudge. Flip. BAM, BAM! A big, long-winded technical analysis of the 360. Also, red smudge has got bigger. Opposite page, red smudge even bigger! Sonic The Hedgehog 'Enter The Sonic Age' advert too. Flip. BAM, BAM! Yet another red smudge. BT/MS Xbox 360 Wireless Xbox Live advert. Opposite, red smudge even bigger, starts to take a form. Marvel: The Ultimate Alliance advert. Flip. BAM, BAM, BAM! Smudge gets still clearer. Xbox 360 'Fly away' advert. Pics of Wireless Controllers and Wireless steering wheel. Opposite, woah! A fully made out, bloody, Gears Of War logo! Microsoft are loving it. Metro competition. 'Win an Xbox 360!' and a Samsung R7 TV plus Q100 home theater system. Flip. HALLELUJAH!I t's the classifieds. Flip a couple more through the ads and... Xbox Live Arcade advert! It's World Series Of Poker! Fun, fun, fun! Flip. BAM, BAM! Another Xbox Live Arcade advert. I like the writing style on this one more. Opposite, 'This Is The Season 2007. This is Fifa 2007.' Flip. Pro Evo 6 advert. Opposite, a scarf with the words 'Next Generation...' on. Flip. Scarf continues to read, 'Football only on...' and opposite, 'Xbox 360.' Flip. A big green advert at the bottom of the backpage.'Merry Xbox!' Not Christmas, not Xmas, but XBOX? These guys are losing it. How many adverts was that? I dread to think. How much did it cost Microsoft? More than I care to speculate. Madness!

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