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Friday, November 17, 2006

November 17 - Yahoo Shopping Spree

On a Web 2.0 startup shopping spree, Yahoo today announced that they have purchased three (Yes you read that right, three!) spiffy startups. Bix (, KenetWorks and My Blog Log ( So, as you can see, they've been pretty darn busy!

Take over bids are purportedly still flying thick and fast, and it looks like Yahoo has allocated their entire web development budget to these cool new Web 2.0 startups. Of course, they have to keep up with Google, who recently acquired JotSpot, and as you very well know, YouTube. Yahoo have so far refused point blank to comment on the selling price of KenetWorks, but sources close to the companies have revealed that the deal did not just happen, but infact has been in the works for quite a number of months now! According to a Carnegie Investment Bank report, Swedish paper, Dagens Industri, was amongst the first to report the deal. The paper reported that the selling price of Kenet, was something close to a figure of at least SEK 150 million. This translates to just over €16.6 million or $21.28 million. A pretty hefty number! MyBlogLog, the blog stats tracking service sold for $10,000, where as Bix, the online popularity contest site was sold for 'an undisclosed sum of money'. That's what the New York Times are reporting, and generally, they're right. No word yet on what this 'sum of money' might amount to. Expect it to be slightly more than your average startup takeover cost though. Bix has recently hit the headlines numerous times and has seen it's popularity soar. Becoming part of Yahoo can only increase these numbers drastically! via me on

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