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Sunday, November 19, 2006

November 19 - myTripz

myTripz, apart from having a funky multi-colored logo, is a great social network which connects people world-wide. Rather than just being a cheap MySpace rip-off though, myTripz is a themed network, with users sharing experiences of days out, displaying photos of where they’ve been and recommending places for others to visit. The community feel there is great, with everyone dying to write about both the positive and the negative sides of things. If you think that your country won’t be included, you might get quite a shock. There’s a very extensive list of countries where the users come from, growing by the hour!

Signing up is easy. Give simply your name, e-mail and password, and off you go! Simply click the link in the verification e-mail and your account is up and running. Despite there being few members, the myTripz community is making the most of things, before inevitably, a rush of spam accounts attack the site. At the moment, there are some thoughtful reviews and comments on various places. After verifying your account is real and filling in some additional information (e.g. Hometown, Photo, Birthday and Interests), then you’re ready to go. Once set-up, you can invite your friends, start sharing info, send some messages, make some friends, join groups and pimp your layout. It’s not just reviews on days out though or holidays, you can review anything from clubs, restaurants and hotels to safari parks, nature reserves and beaches. myTripz clearly has tonnes of potential that it’s sitting on, and not utilizing, so it will be interesting to see how it fares up against some of it’s bigger competitors. via MOMB via me on

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