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Thursday, November 02, 2006

November 2 - Firefox OS

When you thought the OS world couldn’t get any better than Linux, free online operating systems started showing up on the net. Until now, they’ve never really been any good. ‘Crappy’ at most. But now, from one of the most prominent members of the Firefox team, Ross Blake, comes his new startup.

Parakey sounds just like one of those online operating systems that until now, we’ve avoided at all costs. But now, Blake promises to breath a new lease of life into the concept. Parakey, described as a “Web OS that does what any old traditional OS can do”. It enables you to create a site that can be viewed, used and shared by all the members of a family, accessible via a web browser. If you want more hits to your site and make it big and brilliant like Profy, try my guide. In order to make the OS function properly however, you need to download an unobtrusive little application that turns your machine into a server. Whether it be a machine wielding 8 supercharged cores, or a Pentium III powered plasticine nightmare, you can decide which part of the Parakey site is viewable to the outside world. Obviously, the faster the PC, the faster the server… But what were you expecting? It’s great that someone as credible as Ross is giving the Web OS market a go. Chances are, that if the OS comes bundled in the next Google pack, people will start seeing it as a real, viable alternative to virtual desktops and Windows. Next thing we know, a whole horde of Linux penguins will be breaking our doors down and demanding that we install them. Who knows? The internet is a mad place. If you’re interested in the OS, try here. Read more at


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