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Thursday, November 02, 2006

November 2 - Hectic Life

Read this article and make me happy. You might learn something too. Meanwhile, read on.

Life for me is very hectic at the moment. I am going through a time of problems and I have little time for anything. I have tried to keep the blog updated, but it is becoming increasingly more problematic. For now, the blog will still be updated, but perhaps not every day. Yesterday was the first time ever (excluding my holidays in Anglsey and Lanzarote), that the blog has not been updated. I was slightly upset admittedly, but this is life. Not always easy...

For now, I have no idea what is happening about the future of the site. I just love doing it, but lately, personal life, school, etc. has really become to much. Stay tuned... I will be back. :)

This is also the first time I've ever used a smiley in a post. I hope you noticed. I've always refrained, but heck... Who cares.


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Blogger Seshi said...

SPECIFICLY! That ends in 'ly'! =D

10:37 pm, November 06, 2006  
Blogger Delta said...

In fact, it's 'specifically' not 'SPECIFICLY'

6:39 pm, November 07, 2006  

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