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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

November 21 - Gears Of War Trilogy

Marcus in Gears, part One

WOW! Gears Of War, widely acclaimed as the best ever game since Halo, has done it again for Microsoft! They do love their spiffy, good selling, money making games don't they? Now there are three Gears of War games to accompany the Halo series in the hall of fame! Read on...

According to Microsoft VP of lots of words Jeff Bell, Gears of War is the first title in a planned Gears trilogy. In a recent interview he accidentally slipped up on his wording and let the trilogy out of the bag. That’s some of the best news I’ve heard in a long while — I can’t get enough of the game! Gears of War has become one of the best titles to come out in a long while and probably the best game on the entire 360 console. Since yesterday, it overtook Halo 2 as the most played game on the Xbox Live and continues to grow rapidly. With all the success that is coming from the game, there was no doubt that there was going to be a sequel, as Cliffyb said before. Here’s what Jeff Bell said:

Gamers today demand an excellent story in their games; they need to know what’s at stake, and why they should care. Excitement tops the list of desired emotions, but they want to be scared, too. They want the rush that comes from being scared by an enemy or trapped in a dark room and escaping with their lives. The goal of this ad is to establish Marcus Fenix as the hero of the Gears of War trilogy. The intention is to create emotional connection with him that is lacking in typical third-person action title marketing, by communicating a sense of desperation, loneliness, overwhelming odds, and the ultimate futility of the situation he faces.” via YourNEWB.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... Gears of War Realm has recently launched a wiki guide!.

10:37 pm, November 21, 2006  

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