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Thursday, November 23, 2006

November 23 - iAXE Electric Guitar Rocks! Let's party USB Style.

Wow. USBs. And the gadgets they come with are wacky and wonderful. And when I heard that ThinkGeek had launched a new product. The iAxe Electric USB Guitar. It looks great. What do you think?

We know that USB is perfect for Evil Robot Snowmen, USB Thumbdrives and of course the George Foreman iGrill... but were you aware that USB can ROCK! with a screaming speed-metal guitar solo? Neither did we, that is until we got our hands on this amazing iAXE USB powered electric guitar. Simply plug the iAXE into any available USB port, jack in some headphones and commence to rock using the included software which simulates different amps and effect pedals. The iAXE is a full size professional guitar so having some guitar playing skillz might help.

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