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Saturday, November 25, 2006

November 25 - Microsoft Dies

I wrote this piece a while back, but never got round to publishing it. Hope you guys like it!

This is the day. The demise of Microsoft. The day of reckoning has come at last. Friday 23rd November 2006. Google had seen it’s profits soar massively. Microsoft on the other hand have had an awful year. Low profits, internal scandals, a lowered reputation and a lowered customer satisfaction rate have left the company in tatters. After the rather unsuccessful launch of Windows Vista, Microsoft had been forced to focus and emphasise more upon the Internet sector. It was clear that Google’s freely distributed operating system had taken over Microsoft’s share of the market. Businesses, home users and government departments alike had taken to Google’s easy switch-over and increased user friendliness.

Microsoft’s third quarter had plummeted, sending the company into debt. Thousands of staff based in the USA had been layed off and things were looking increasingly worse for the company. Google on the other hand, were now making their way into global domination. It was estimated that 80% of blogs were powered by Google. That 50% of e-mails were processed, scanned and monitored by Google (a figure ever increasing), and that the company’s operating system was now the first choice for over 40% of the country (another figure, growing at an average rate of 34% a month). Firefox, the free browser, created by Mozilla, was also doing great, with a now estimated use of 52%, putting it for the first time, as the market leader. Google had purchased Wikipedia and Internet domination was becoming ever more likely. YouTube was going strong as ever and had climbed to the No. 1 Alexa spot.

In the mean-time, Google had started offering their free broadband initiative and now had news stations broadcasting world wide. Though all of this was great, there were constantly Web 3.0 services striving to push further into Google’s dominating grasp and markets. The Internet was becoming an expanding factor in day-to-day lives. As were the people behind it.


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