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Sunday, November 26, 2006

November 26 - Generation Next

Generation Next runs on the BBC from the 2nd December, up until the 10th. Aimed at getting a different angle on the world, the BBC launched Generation Next to get perspectives from youngsters like myself, from around the world.

What are they doing? Well, they're looking in general, at teenagers and kids around the world. Everyithing from photography, to podcasting and Shakespeare to music, the BBC are making a real effort to find out what us young people think, and for that matter, care. The eight day program, by the BBC World Service, will be based on BBC Radio Five Live (Link to online tune-in). Chris Vallance, from BBC Radio Kent, and popular website, Pods & Blogs, invited me to go and find out more. Stay tuned. More coming soon!

The fact that the BBC do care, and aren't just trying to get 'down with the kids', really does matter. It shows how much the world has changed. Not just in the past few decades, but you can look at recent events, to see how much the world, and the Internet has changed in the past few years, even months. Who would have thought, that YouTube, a site that didn't even exist 18 months ago, would now, according to Alexa, be the Internet's 8th most visited? The world is changing. Media is changing. Life is changing. The winds of change are blowing, once again... We all know what happened last time someone said that!

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