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Monday, November 27, 2006

November 27 - PC Xbox 360 Controls


If you love your Xbox 360, but just can't face not having your trusty mouse and keyboard at hand, incase things go real bad, then the XFPS360 is for you. Fusing PC gaming with the best of the Xbox 360, XCM is "bringing old school PC gaming to your living room". Simply plug-in the dinky adapter into one of your Xbox 360's USB ports, and it'll let you connect either more USB devices or a PS/2 gadget. Of course hardcore gamers will much prefer a keypad and pointer to a heavenly, ergonomically shaped controller, but then again, who's to stop them? There's a hell of alot of pictures for you to drool over in the mean-time. Enjoy! Thanks to Team Xbox for tipping me off.




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