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Friday, November 03, 2006

November 3 - Amazon OS

Brought to you by the one, the only, the beautiful me! Click here to read the full article. The beginnings are below...

Yesterday, I brought you a rather interesting article on a Firefox OS. Today, I bring you something to compete with even that. Amazon, the A9 and Alexa giants, have announced that they have finally finished their online operating system. In August, Amazon hit the headlines with their ‘web services field-plan’ for a Web 2.0 magazine.

Based on an article in Business Week, it is apparent that during the Web 2.0 conference due to take place next week, Amazon’s Web Services strategy will finally become official. This clearly shows that Amazon is intent upon its goals. To create a realistic, viable, all round alternative to Microsoft. Many software engineers and Web 2.0 analysts (such as us, here at Profy) are greeting the possible announcement with joy.

The real questions that face us now are the basics that have to be asked of such a program. Such as ‘How powerful? How fast? How practical? How compatible? How user-friendly? How well designed?’ etc. Some have been discussing though that after the Firefox OS concept, an Amazon/Mozilla alliance would be most interesting. Amazon and Firefox’s user-power and user-bases together create quite a formidable chunk of the tech-orientated population.

However unlikely the merger, I can’t deny the possibilities that would await. The two companies are two of the most respected internet orientated ones out there, and any company that can stand up to Microsoft deserves a slap on the back. The fact that both Amazon and Firefox are standing up and pulling on their gloves in the Online OS boxing ring means that competition is about to heat up. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Web 2.0! Sit back and relax, this might be a bumpy ride… Brought to you via me on! Click to continue reading...


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