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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November 8 - Marshmallow Wars: The Attack Of The Fat-Free Projectile - Part 1.

The fact that I'm now reviewing all manner of dangerous, war related objects shows just how much times have change. The Marshmallow Blaster, also known around the office as the 'Nuke Of Doom/Fun Break Activity' is a brilliant little toy designed to make marshmallow eating fun. Gone are the days of sitting by a campfire, waiting for the gooey things to turn black and squishy, with the blaster, everything can be made a hell of a lot speedier. ThinkGeek are selling this thing with some Gourmet Marshmallow Ammo which really makes this fat-free projectile firer a real tasty treat. Note, this a great, tasty alternative to the foam nuke launcher we looked at a few months back. Victory doesn't get much sweeter than this.

'Most offices have many levels, both in social structure and in geometric space. This can present difficulties when planning office raids and attack strategies. For many missions a rapid fire, sugar-spewing shooter is what is needed (see the Marshmallow Shooter below). But sometimes that's just not enough. For the times when you need heavy fire, you need the Marshmallow Blaster. Firing one regular sized marshmallow at a time, the Marshmallow Blaster has the power to hit targets up to 40 feet away. Easy to load and reload. Just pump the handle to build up air pressure, then lock and load a marshmallow. The handle of the pump conveniently doubles as a stock for added stabilization. You can even load up a shotgun blast of mini marshmallows, for a good scatter shot. This is the Sultan of Sugary Shoot-outs, the Colossus of Confectionary Combat, the Bazooka of Bite-Sized Bonbons - you get the idea. Add a Marshmallow Blaster to your arsenal and office domination is almost guaranteed. And, dare we say, victory will indeed be sweet.'

Highly recommended! Infact, I'm putting this on the previously none-existent top 10 Seasonal Gadget 2006 list, here at Don't ask, I just made it up. Also, note that this post has the longest title out of any post made here yet. Thought it was kinda wacky!

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