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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November 8 - MySpace & Feedburner Partnership

When Fox starts to partner with the likes of Feedburner, you know that Web 2.0 is making an impact. The owners of MySpace, Fox Interactive have confirmed a widget development project at the Widgets Live conference. In addition to this, an alliance is to be formed with Feedburner, the highly successful feed creation and management program used by many top names. All of the b5media blogs, Profy, and more have their feeds powered by FeedBurner, mainly because of it’s free, it’s great and it provides accurate readership statistics to help you analyze your readers activites. Spring Widgets, the name of the widget project is a rename of TheSpringBox. Since TheSpringBox’s launch, back in the day, they really haven’t changed much in recent times. Pretty dissapointing due to the new nature of Web 2.0 as it develops daily, but that isn’t to say that it isn’t a great service! Oh no… The site offers widgets for both a desktop application and the web, including social networking Web 2.0 site, MySpace. Developers can easily crate and distribute widgets across both the web, and Windows desktop (no Apple!) platforms. The widgets gallery has been pre-filled with a clock, an NFL module (Pretty useless to all those of us outside the USA), a sports scoreboard and the RSS reader from the original version. The RSS reader is the only thing that really shouts, “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”, but needless to say, a lot of promise shines through. The widgets all work in brilliant unity on both websites and my Vista and XP desktops. By me on

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