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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November 8 - Stikkit

Stikkit. What the hell? Well, you know them sticky notes that you find lying round the house with annoying little messages like 'Wash the car, NOW!' or 'File Tax-Return'? Well, now painful reminders, and those fun ones that remind you to buy presents have arrived on the net. Hence the name, Stikkit. Stikkit gives you the 'digital equivalent of a sticky note', like I just said, 'the easiest thing you can grab to jot down an idea or reminder'. What do I like? Well, as I'm typing, Stikkit does all of the dirty work for me, carefully watching and alerting me for my anything-but-urgent appointments, to-dos, friends and contacts, bookmarks and more, quickly and efficiently 'extracting and organizing the important details'. It’s just like having an unlimited supply of the bright sticky yellow buggers following you wherever your Wi-Fi allows. The website claims that it is just like 'having a personal assistant following along after you', although, for once, I'm going to have to disagree with these great marketing taglines. Usually, I'd apraise such a statement, but I must say that, as cool as the auto-finding features are, there is nothing here that really sets Stikkit apart. Having always had a slight phobia of sticky notes though, I can't be blamed. Try it yourself, see waht you think! What do I like apart from what I've already said? Well, you can have 'open notes' that can be shared with a friend or a colleague. Stikkit really is quite a mini-IM app & note builder combined. You can comment on a stikkit that people have chosen to share to give feedback, or whatever the case might be. 'People are interconnected — your organizer should be too. Email Stikkit. Keep a blank stikkit at the ready on your desktop. Get reminders on your mobile phone.' My highlight of Stikkit is that, at least, when I'm off my PC, I can escape the constant stream of reminders flying at me headfirst to 'do-this' and 'do-that'. Still in beta, Stikkit does a great job of fusing completely unformed ideas with a sleek, fast and easy-to-use interface. Really though. Everything taken into account, Stikkit is great! By me on

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