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Thursday, November 09, 2006

November 9 - Xbox 360 Updated Review

The Xbox 360. The world’s most beautiful console? In my opinion, yes. Today, I was due to be flying to London to take part in a big event in which their would be playable PS3s showcased. Unfortunately, I’ve injured my arm and have been unable to attend. I would have loved to take some pictures. Nevermind. Back to the point. The Xbox 360. I’m currently the owner of one of these spanking shiny dream machines and have been for quite some months now. The 360 is not just a console, as I soon found out, but a full-blown media centre. The graphics are, indeed, breathtaking. When you compare them to that of a PS2’s, then the difference is incredible.

Test 1: Being the freak I am, I lined up two identical 32″ HD Ready TVs. Both with Battlefield 2: Modern Combat loaded. The only difference, was that one was a PS2 version, and one an Xbox 360 version. The differences were startling. Realistic fire, smoke, fog, bullets, physics, sounds and movements in the 360 made the experience all that little bit extra. The PS2, great as it is, can only perform these tasks half aswell. The textures are less smooth and when flying in helicopters, background scenery flashes in and out of view. With the 360, none of this ever happens, making the game more enjoyable. I’m not going to tell you all the tech specs of the 360, because if you want to know them, you can simply head over to Amazon or Best Buy to check for yourself.

Test 2: Burnout Revenge is a classic game, one of mayhem and high-speed destruction. Obviously, the PS2 has trouble rendering the foliage and such, but the 360 has no such problems. Just to test this out, I hurled two identical cars off two identical cliffs off two identical TVs. PS2 result, nasty, blurred tesxtures of the mountain side. 360 result, well rounded, well shaded, well rendered, realistic surroundings, even when falling at high-speeds.

In other words, the 360 wins all round. I’ve tried and tested the PS2’s online functions, all of which are, no offense to Sony, abysmal. The Xbox however, has always retained the crown of online gameplay, even if the monthly fee is a bit off putting. Hours of extra fun can be squeezed from games online, and this really is, in my opinion, the 360’s biggest advantage. Will things change however? We’ll find out this holiday season with the PS3 and Nintendo Wii hitting our shelves! That was my first article on Hope you liked it!


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Blogger Timothy.W said...

You could have sent me to london :)

Just Joking! Nice Review

How's your arm?

8:56 pm, November 12, 2006  
Blogger Delta said...

That's not actually a bad idea! Next time I will! My arms fine now thanks. =D


4:54 pm, November 13, 2006  

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