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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Site News - Milestones

Wow. This is the life... Sitting back, sipping my ice cold glass of Tropicana Original, and stuffing my face with Thorntons. Just how I like it! But that's aside from the point. The reason I'm writing this post, has a truly spectacular reason behind it.

Tomorrow, the site will be four months old. But today, this very post is our 500th. We've been bringing you technology, internet and gadget news whenever we can for these past months, and it greatly pleases me to say, that we have some upcoming expansion features planned. Something I've been promising for a while, a move to a privately hosted server, and for Wordpress to become our blogging platform of choice, is finally making some good progress. Admittedly, it's not the home-server I'd been planning on purchasing, but with the money I've earned using Michael Cheney's 11 Days To List Profits, and the income I've been getting from Profy, I've managed to get myself a decent host.

Okay, it's not exactly state of the art, but it'll do. All-in-all, the site has had it's ups and downs. This past week, I've not had loads of time for blogging, but on previous occasions, I've managed to pump out over 50 posts a week! It all varies on how busy I am, whether or not I get much homework, and how often I get to fulfill my other commitments.

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